Located on the north-western slope about 1 km from Saint Emilion, our property stretches over 7.5 hectares in one piece and combines its name in the history of the city from the eighteenth century. In 1691, Étienne Lavau (1668-1723), owner of the Grand-Mayne castle, married Catherine Chevallier (1668-?), Who brought him the dowry of Cravignac and the property. Jean Baptiste Lavau de Cravignac, lawyer in the parliament and then mayor of Saint Emilion in 1730 will make this legacy grow. The Lavau family of Cravignac will then become with the family of the Fontémoing one of the two richest families of Saint-Émilion between 1750 and 1850. The family Beaupertuis sell the property to family de Colbert

Already in 1929 the reputation of this wine, one of Raymond Poincaré’s favorites, will extend even to the tables of the national assembly where it is still present today.

This estate has been owned since 30 november 2021 by the de Colbert family.

Vineyard and terroir

The grape variety, made up of 80% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, is found on limestone clay soils, the balance and harmony necessary for the development of a great wine. Traditional culture and total absence of herbicides, an average age of the feet of thirty years with yields, voluntarily limited to 45 hectoliters per hectare, thus promote the quality and full maturity of the grapes.

Winemaking and wine breeding

In order to preserve the quality as much as possible, the grapes are always hand-picked and made by plot at the full maturity of the grapes. Vinification combines modernity (with strict temperature control during fermentation thanks to thermoregulation) and tradition with regular pumping and long vatting in order to naturally extract a maximum of color and tannin.

In the purest tradition of the Grands Bordeaux, an aging of the wine in oak barrels (renewed every three years) for a period of about 16 months and a bottling only in the castle give our wine all its savor and finesse.

How to enjoy this wine?

You can enjoy our wine with different dishes such as red meat, game or cheese, at a recommended temperature of 16 ° / 18 °. Uncork the bottle one hour before the tasting preferably.